Thomas Hauck


Thomas A. Hauck is a writer living in Gloucester, Massachusetts. His novels include Pistonhead, the gritty story of a rock musician who faces a life-changing crisis, and Lucas Manson, a literary horror thriller pitting agent Mark Dylan against the leader of a bloodthirsty hominid species. His books also include Public Image: Stories and Poems, a collection of short stories and poems, and The Body on the Rocks, a collection of thrilling crime stories featuring detective Chris Mark.
Numerous literary magazines including The Armchair Aesthete, The Bitter Oleander, Over My Dead Body!, and The MacGuffin have published Thomas’s short stories.
He is the editor of Renaissance Magazine, America’s leading national magazine devoted to contemporary renaissance faires and culture.
Thomas earned his B.A. in History of Art at Tufts University, graduating magna cum laude. He earned his M.B.A. at Endicott College. He lives with his wife Kim Smith, a published garden book author, photographer, and documentary filmmaker. Thomas and Kim have two children.