Linda Hadaway


I live in a small town in Washington State near the Cascade Mountains. I have worked in the Human Services field for thirty years, mainly in chemical addiction. My writing genre has taken me to different arenas: suspense, paranormal, and now (Don’t Mess With) Clear Lake Women.

Writing has always been a great passion of mine and seeing my books published in the last few years has certainly made my dreams come true.

A big thank you for continual support from: my wonderful husband, Bryon, I love you! My children, Donn and his significant other, Susan; Dale and his wife Heather; Brandy and her significant other, Sylvester; and Jacob. Grandchildren: Donnie, Melinda, Hallie and her daughter Jade; Daylen, the twins: Holton and Dalton, Anthony and soon- baby girl.

I hope that you, the reader, will share your thoughts about this book with me. Please drop me a line at: