Eve Asbury

Eve Asbury and Gayle Eden are the pen names for Dian Addair, an author whose dreams of writing were put on hold in her twenties while she raised a son and daughter and worked several jobs. Romance novels kept her sane during some of those busy years, having moved from the mountains of West Virginia, living in a suburb of Washington, DC for fifteen more, until finally settling in East Tennessee (USA) on three acres surrounded by the North Holston River, where she can write to her hearts content.

She calls her life as a young grandmother of 44, "controlled chaos". Actually it's quite normal for a woman who was born 9th in line and was an aunt by age five. She sets aside Saturdays for family, cooking, and romping with the granddaughters. The rest of the week, when not stealing an hour with her busy husband, she's at the computer immersing herself in another good plot.

An author who believes in story telling-- in giving yourself the freedom to write whatever story speaks to your heart. She says she tries not to limit her characters by outline, but has a vague idea that generally they run away with, and sometimes give her fits by defying her attempts to keep them in check. It is not unheard of for her to sit down at the computer and realize ten hours later that she's written 200 pages...prolific, yes. She's found its better to indulge her muse than try and control it. A bit like real life, it happens, and there's always something new and surprising that makes the experience rewarding