Violet L. Ryan


Violet L Ryan lives in a small Midwestern town with her husband, Denny. They raised their three beautiful daughters, Lana, Julie, and Debbie, in a bungalow set above Fall Creek a stone’s throw from the lovely city park. They enjoy eating out with friends, Sunday morning church services, and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. Violet’s favorite pastimes include photography, painting, drawing, reading, and, of course, writing.
Violet says, “I’ve created stories all my life. It’s second nature to turn even the smallest detail, like a face in a crowd, or a lonely house on a hill, into a full-blown story. I write short stories and novels in many different genres, but if you like romance, we already share a common bond. Whether I spin a tale of mystery, suspense, fantasy, or plain, honest to goodness romance, a developing relationship between my hero and heroine is necessary to the plot. Even as a tot, when I wove stories of magic kingdoms, there were always heroes to save the day and magical queens bestowing favors on their knights.”
Between authoring several books, Violet has written articles for newspapers and Christian communications. She has published several short stories, one a first prize contest winner, and an occasional poem.
When her stories are finished, polished, and published, she schedules signings and appearances, holds events and author chats, and presents ideas and information at programs for those who wish to learn a new craft or improve their technique.
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