Pauline Holyoak


I grew up in southeast England, in a mining village lovingly nicknamed “the place that time forgot.” I came to Canada when I was 21 years old, in search of adventure and a new life. I live in Spruce Grove, Alberta, with my hockey-crazy husband, lazy ginger cat and adorable Shetland Sheep dog. We have two wonderful children.
As far back as I can remember, the pen and paper have been my faithful companions and story telling my forte. As a child I would sneak away from the mundane adult world, find a private retreat (usually behind the garden shed) and imagine. There in my own little sanctuary, I'd conjure up all kinds of intriguing tales and colorful characters. In my teen years my journal became my confidante, revealing all my hidden secrets, private fantasies and wild notions within its pages. Later I started to write poems, articles and short stories, and pondered the thought of becoming a writer.
When I immigrated to Canada I buried my dreams under layers of real life clutter. I chose a safe and practical career in child care, married and raised a family. But my creative spirit kept trying to dig its way out. I was asked to write articles and editorials for our local church. I taught a story time class at the school, which lead me to writing a children's book. I wrote an article about my husband’s prestigious grandfather and sent it to our local newspaper. They printed it. I kept sending them articles; they kept printing them. I was surprised at the compliments I received from the editor and readers. It was evident to me then that I had excavated my creative spirit.
I decided to take a comprehensive writing course to improve my technique. With help from a proficient and supportive tutor who told me I had a gift, I began to cultivate my skill. My articles started to sell and I received an assignment from a major Canadian magazine. I have spent the past few years working on my novel (a trilogy) and two children's books. I have a diploma in creative writing, along with a certificate complementing my creative skills.

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