Terence West

Terence West is the author of ten novels including the best sellers FALLEN ANGELS, DARKNESS, and CRUSADE. A Gen X refugee, he fears the day his generation will rule the world. West is currently stockpiling goods and supplies in Twin Falls, Idaho with his three dogs. Growing up near the small skiing town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado gave him a lot of time to work on his writing because of the weather. A very artistic student, his goal in life was to be an illustrator. In his spare time he hunched over a makeshift-drafting table working on his own comic books. He would write and draw all of his stories. It was then that he learned he enjoyed writing the stories more than drawing them. He credits a lot of his talent as a writer to his mother and father. They never pressured him to follow in his father's footsteps, rather to find his own path in life.

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