Darrel Sparkman

Darrel writes for his own enjoyment, and started with poetry and essays. Some limited success, and a supportive family, encouraged him to stay with it, although writing time was limited by work and family responsibilities.
Early in his career, Darrel served in the Navy, training to hunt submarines, then went to Vietnam for combat search and rescue. After that, he spent 17 years as a volunteer medic with an ambulance company, 10 years as a professional photographer, and time as a computer technician. Somehow, he also found time to help his wife raise 3 children.
Currently, Darrel lives in southwest Missouri with his wife of over 40 years. His three children and 11 grandchildren live close by. He currently works for a leading horticulture supply company in irrigation sales and tech support.
Nearly as strong as his belief in God, is the adage that the only thing constant in the world is change, and that luck is a fickle mistress indeed. It has been an interesting trip.

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