eISBN: 9781603133425

Whiskey Shots Volume 18

by Darrel Sparkman

Darrell Sparkman, author of the western novel OSAGE DAWN, presents two romantic western short stories in this latest edition of WHISKEY SHOTS. "Stage To Abilene" is a story about a marshal with a warrant to serve, a girl that decides he is too good a man to die, and an unexpected way to come up with a winning hand. Marshal Matt Bodine knows he can beat Texas Red Wyrick, but what about the others who will be with him? "Comanche Trail" is a story of unexpected romance, from an unlikely source, at an unlikely time. John Becker rescues a waif of a girl from Comanche renegades. He soon finds out she is the most irritating, frustrating, and absolute pain in the butt woman he has ever met--and can't be without.

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About the author Darrel Sparkman

Darrel writes for his own enjoyment, and started with poetry and essays. Some limited success, and a supportive family, encouraged him to stay with it, although writing time was limited by work and family responsibilities. Early in his career, Darrel served in the Navy, training to hunt submarines, then went to Vietnam for combat search and rescue. After that, he spent 17 years as a volunteer medic with an ambulance...

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