eISBN: 9781611608328

Veritas Dawn

by Mark Lynch

4 July 2132. The colony ship, SS Artemis, leaves our solar system and begins a journey across the galaxy. The leviathan’s destination is the “Veritas” Moon, a sphere thought capable of supporting human life. The “First Wave” colonists seek to create a utopian society on the virgin moon, free from the many problems of old Earth, but no one could have predicted the threat which awaited them.
Decades later, a small group of settlers flee from the ravages of civil war and the repressive arm of a totalitarian state. This tiny community must attempt to put old grievances behind them as they struggle to survive the harsh realities of life on an isolated outpost, right on the edge of the fledgling human colony. When their settlement comes under attack by a resurgent indigenous enemy it appears the colonists’ only hope rests in the actions of a mysterious stranger whose own motives remain unclear.

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About the author Mark Lynch 

I’m thirty years old and hail from Belfast in Northern Ireland. I read a fair bit of both fiction and non-fiction but I’m particularly keen on the science fiction genre and its sub genres, such as alternative history and space colonization. I studied History & Politics at Queen’s University in Belfast and maintain a keen interest in these subjects. Veritas Dawn is my first novel. Although I would class the...

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