eISBN: 9781633556034

The Splendour Falls

by Sophie Meredith

The Splendour Falls

… is about claustrophobia in all its forms.
… is told in two voices, and is a convoluted affair.

Lou is “adopted” by a wealthy French family with the view of grooming her as a bride for their son.

Lou’s mother returns to England after the death of her French husband and finds late life romance.

What really happened in the secret chamber of the château?

Follow the story and the minds of the protagonists.

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About the author Sophie Meredith

Born and bred in Derbyshire UK. Trained as a teacher and worked in schools in Derbyshire, London, Essex and Cambridgeshire. Stories broadcast on BBC Radio Four. Translation of Guy de Maupassant stories published by PIP-ER ASH. Over a hundred short stories for adults and chil-dren's stories appeared in magazines. Articles and book re-views in several newspapers. Married twice, now widowed with two children and four grandchildren. Lives just outside Paris,...

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