eISBN: 9781611608113

The Shepherd: Black Cloud Rising

by Darrel Sparkman

Mason Law is a member of an elite group specialized in rescuing people from a hostile environment. He comes home from the jungles of Central America to a wife already buried, and a country unraveling before his eyes. Not finding any good reason to go on, he’s actually putting the barrel of his .45 in his mouth when the power grid goes down. With the city of Springfield in complete riot General Slade calls in a favor: Get my daughter to safety! When Mason meets Alice, sparks fly and the game’s on. Not only does Mason have to rescue the fair maiden and take her to safety, he pits himself against rogue military units and hordes of starving people out of their minds with fear, and who are armed, as well as the military. Thrown into this mix, he has to endure instant lust turning into love, and betrayal at a most unexpected time. It may have been easier to eat a bullet. The Shepherd is a novel that starts fast and hurtles to the finish. Buckle up.

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About the author Darrel Sparkman

Darrel writes for his own enjoyment, and started with poetry and essays. Some limited success, and a supportive family, encouraged him to stay with it, although writing time was limited by work and family responsibilities. Early in his career, Darrel served in the Navy, training to hunt submarines, then went to Vietnam for combat search and rescue. After that, he spent 17 years as a volunteer medic with an ambulance...

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