The Riss Gamble [The Riss Series Book 1]

by C R Daems

A young girl dreams of seeing the stars and meeting aliens. Her chance comes in the form of a project offering a college education, commissioning in the SAS Fleet, and a partnership with an alien. She successfully qualifies and wins one of the coveted ten positions. Of course everything comes with a price—the alien is a parasite that inhabits the body and mind, and is there for life. Is it a dream or nightmare come true—or maybe both?

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About the author C.R. Daems

Clem Daems is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He served twenty-two years in the United States Air Force and is a graduate of the University of Arizona. He doesn’t consider himself an author, only a person who has learned that he enjoys writing. His favorite genre is science fiction and fantasy. His hobby for he past forty years has been Kung Fu and Tai Chi. He’s now retired and lives...

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