eISBN: 9781611602630

The Human God [The Children of Sol Book 2]

by P Stanley

After enduring the tribulations of the journey to the Alpha-Centauri star system, Astronaut Saul Blackwell must reluctantly flee the sanctuary of New Athens base.
As he wanders alone through the hostile forests of the planet Pholus, he encounters a primitive tribe of native people who face extinction at the hands of a vastly more powerful enemy.
Witnessing Saul’s physical as well as technological superiority, the cave dwellers believe this “Child of Sol” to be their salvation.
Now Saul Blackwell must decide if he will aid these docile creatures in their desperate struggle for survival or take advantage of their blind innocence and set himself to be worshipped as their Human God.
The Human God is the second book of the Children of Sol series.

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About the author Phillip O. Stanley, II

Phillip Stanley II was born in Ohio in 1969. He has worked for the past sixteen years in the emergency medical service as an EMT IV Technician and has performed contract work for the local coroner's offices and pathologist groups as an autopsy technician. Phillip currently has one published book to his credit, The Castle Rock Critter, and his love of science fiction, fantasy, mythology and history helped inspire...

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