eISBN: 9781611606447

The Hemunarth [The Blackrose, A Chronicle Of The Elves Book 1]

by Phillip O Stanley II

Half-human and an outcast from birth, Elirah Encathla finds life amongst the elves of the Aluaundi tribe insufferable, especially after the death of her beloved foster-father.
Heeding the call of her human side, the beautiful Elirah sets out, leaving the only home and the only love she has ever known to make a new life for herself beyond Aluedra Valley, the great vale of the elves—what Elirah finds is adventure!
Journey to the mythical world of Erath, a world filled with monsters, magic, war and romance; discover a young woman, who despite what others say of her learns that she is so much more—she is The Death-Flower, The Battle-Queen of the Elves—she is The Blackrose!
The Hemunarth is the first novel in The Blackrose fantasy-adventure series.

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