eISBN: 9781611603323

The Fourth Conspirator [The 1970's Trilogy Book 3]

by Barry S Willdorf

Recently arrived in Mendocino County, Christina Lima takes a job as PR director for her “Auntie Estella’s” Belmonte Winery while Nate Lewis sets up a law practice to Ukiah. They’ve barely moved into their new home when winery V.P. Vince Russo, an ex-Marine with a hair-trigger temper, is accused of killing a man ripping off his pot garden. Was it murder or self-defense? Nate takes the case. Meanwhile Estella is dying and Christina’s cousins begin to fight over the inheritance of the winery. While preparing a winery accounting in anticipation of the probate fight to come, Christina is critically injured. Was it just an accident or attempted murder? Are the pot garden shooting and Christina’s injury somehow connected? There’ll be several more deaths before the truth emerges.

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