The Devil Wore Greasepaint

by Teel James Glenn

A millionaire haunted by a demon consults a fortuneteller, a sideshow performer is captured in a horrible spell, a Hollywood producer cheats the wrong man, a cuckolded husband is invited to an odd dance and then there is that strange clown by the side of the road in Kansas…
To many people, the experience of theatre is akin to the mystical experience of religion—the transformation of the human being into a deity—all occur as much with the smell of greasepaint in one’s nostrils as with incense. This collection of stories runs the range from love stories to horror tales, from trickster demons to wizards who warp human form for their own purpose. And in each tale, the smell of greasepaint and the sulphurous odor of the other side combine to make a heady mix of fable, fantasy and fright….

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About the author Teel James Glenn

Teel James Glenn is a native of Brooklyn, though he’s traveled the world for thirty years as a Stuntman/ Coordinator/ Swordmaster, Martial Artist, Jouster, Book Illustrator, Storyteller, Bodyguard and Actor. His greatest adventure, however, is being father to the amazing Aislin Rose...

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