eISBN: 9781633556881

The Blue Moon Hotel and Lightning Bolt Lounge

by Toby Joyce

Regina Gallagher enjoyed her life as a successful financial planner. She owned a beautiful LA beach home and had a wonderful relationship with her daughter. Why then, she wondered, as she turned the calendar over to her birthday month, did she feel so restless and unfulfilled? After a life-changing event, Regina finds herself questioning her lifestyle and her work. Sometimes, it only takes a glimpse into another way of life to change everything. As she opens her heart and mind to new experiences, she is surprised when she finds solace and peace in the most unlikely of places. More surprising still is the man who seems to be inextricably tied to her new future, and how much Regina finds herself enjoying that. It appears that the legend of restoring waters in the river along the shore of The Blue Moon Motel and Lightning Bolt Lounge is true after all.

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About the author Toby Joyce

Toby Joyce was born in a small town in Oregon State where she lived until her family moved to Washington State when she was four years old. She is the second of four girls and to this day her three sisters are her best friends. Her parents are of Irish descent so the Emerald City of Seattle suited them fine and Toby was...

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