eISBN: 9781611602654

The Billionaire's Dilemma: Identical Twin Mistresses

by Francine Howarth

In the past Tania has masqueraded as Nina at parties, and likewise Nina had to pretend to be Tania. As far as Tania is concerned one more act of deception isn’t going to hurt anybody. Despite Nina’s reluctance, she’s won over by Tania’s pleading ways and travels to London on a pre-arranged date with a Polo playing playboy.

Allessandre, convinced he’s been duped, is determined to unveil the twins and teach them a lesson they won’t forget. Revenge proves bittersweet when the one he desires takes flight. Forced to travel half way around the globe in attempt to redeem his unforgivable behaviour he has no idea the woman he loves walks with lions, nor that a lioness will challenge his desire to be her one and only.

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About the author Francine Howarth

Born in the UK, and a one-time owner of an equestrian business, Francine Howarth’s life has inevitably revolved around horses, farming and equestrian pursuits. Writing stories though, and penning scripts for plays remained a secret pastime until she penned a semi-erotic novel, which she sent to an erotic publisher back in the early nineties. Hence her writing career started out in erotica, but a serious riding accident threw her out...

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