eISBN: 9781611602333

Taboo: Breaking the Rules In Christian Fiction

by Grant Dillon

What is “edgy” Christian fiction? Is nothing taboo anymore? When has the subjects of sex, nudity, violence, foul language been taken too far in Christian-“themed” fiction? Where do you draw the line? Should the edgy subgenre, with all its warts and bruises and very damaged characters, be examined for what it is, rather than offering up a sanitized account of what it isn’t? Taboo subjects shouldn’t be sugarcoated for the sake of money or fame. They should be exposed for what they are, and placed into their own separate category, not hidden “between the lines” within Christian literature. That seems like trickery. Some of these acts of trickery the Taboo author has found to be quite intentional on the edgy author's part. That just gives Christians and Christian fiction a bad rap. This book examines the edgy style from the edgy writer’s point of view – and beyond.

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