eISBN: 9781603134606

Spanish Lies

by Margaret Blake

Ginny has a terrible secret buried inside her and it has the potential to ruin her life. She loves her son and is still attracted to the man who broke her heart. If she goes to Spain, she knows she will be putting all she holds dear in harm’s way…yet she feels she has to take the chance. He was a man of fierce passion and she was a woman with a terrible secret.

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About the author Margaret Blake

Margaret Blake was born in Manchester. She has been married to John for thirty three years. Margaret has one son, a beautiful daughter in law and three grandchildren. She lived in New York for a couple of years then returned to England to be near her parents. After careers in various fields, she began writing seriously in l978 and has since published 7 historical romances and 4 contemporary romances. She...

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