eISBN: 9781593744427

Southern Complications

by Cheryl Anderson Davis

Only sweet Southerner Becky Souder’s charms seem so soothe shell-shocked Lt. Andrew Pike, a surgeon in the Union Army of occupation in Georgia. Though they dearly love one another, Becky’s husband Harlan never returned from the war and, being a woman of high morals, she refuses Andrew’s advances—unless they can discover the fate of her missing husband. Andrew struggles to convince Becky of the rightness of their alliance in the face of disapproval, both North and South, in the form of family, friends and the vengeful night riders. Andrew’s brother Calvin is especially upset by Andrew’s determination to marry Becky Souder. Calvin might accept the fact that Andrew adores gentle Becky, but he has difficulty understanding why Andrew allows these troublesome Southerners to keep complicating their lives. But perhaps the greatest obstacle to their happiness is not if Harlan is truly dead but the dreadful secret Becky has been keeping why Harlan Souder never wanted to come home.

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About the author Cheryl Davis 

Cheryl Davis enjoys writing stories celebrating the rich history of the Celts and the American South. She is currently promoting her novel about the American Revolution in Georgia, Hope Is Constant, which won an award for Best Historical. Cheryl has participated in two anthologies Go With Us and No Small Miracle besides having three e-books published on the Internet. Cheryl and her family (husband Richard and children Lee, Rick and...

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