eISBN: 9781593741686

Profile Three

by Dave Field

Jack Pymble refuses to help export firearms illegally from Australia to New Guinea. A mobster threatens him—Jack accidentally kills the man, and suddenly he's on the run. Mysterious Susan Carter convinces Pymble to fight back. Infatuated by her sexuality, he agrees. There's an arms dealer's meeting—their only opportunity to untangle the mess—in New Guinea, thousands of miles away... Chased by both the mob and the cops, they go for it, using motorcycles, a coach, a stolen car, a prawn trawler and a helicopter. They burst open a plot to seize vast mineral resources…but will they die before they can talk? Genre: Thriller/Suspense Don't miss the sequel: TRAPPING JUDAS [A PROFILE THREE THRILLER]

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About the author Dave Field 

Australian Dave Field has a background in marine and remote-area research, which he describes as noisy, dirty and dangerous-therefore, great fun, especially in the crocodile-infested Northern Territory river systems. He's a full-time journalist and writer working out of Darwin.

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