eISBN: 9781603134736

More Than A Wife

by Catherine Stang

2010 EPPIE AWARD Finalist! Andre Duncan, Earl Westbrook, discovers how complicated life can be when you marry your mistress. Many of the things he loved about Corina when she was his mistress embarrass him now that she is his wife. Can he really have both a wife and a lover all in one? Convinced that she can’t be a proper wife for Andre, Corina moves out and tries to persuade him to let her go. Her stubborn husband won’t agree, risking further damage to his standing in society. Enter two outspoken women of the town who call themselves The Bliss Society. They offer Corina an exchange: her knowledge of sexual expertise for theirs of how to be a respectable ton wife. Does she dare hope that she can overcome a bad beginning? Will the ton allow her to? They want what their husbands give their mistresses: pleasure. Genre: Romance/Historical Fiction Read the series by Donna McAteer and Catherine Stang! MORE THAN A WIFE [BLISS SOCIETY SERIES] COURTING SCANDAL [BLISS SOCIETY SERIES]

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About the author Catherine Stang

Catherine is a hopeless romantic, who has been reading and writing romances for as long as she can remember. She lives in small town in Kansas with her husband, teenage son and two very active papillons, who are therapy dogs. She, her husband and the dogs enjoy their weekly visits to the nursing home. Visit Catherine Stang website here.

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