eISBN: 9781611606065

Mitchell's Run

by Amy Gallow

Cynthia Sheldon is a modern young woman. She does not believe in ghosts. When Andrew Mitchell rescues her from a blizzard and shelters her in his mine, she knows there has to be a logical explanation. She finds it in Drew Mitchell, the current owner of Mitchell's Run. Proving that she wasn't fooled by any ghostly masquerade seemed quite simple in the beginning. Then her emotions got in the way…

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About the author Amy Gallow

The only child of an itinerant rural worker, I had more schools than birthdays until I was fourteen. My first paid employment was as “Slushy”, washing the pots and pans in the galley of a passenger carrying paddle steamer on the River Murray. In spite of these advantages and a personal code of honour that owed more to my father’s love of Clarence Mulford’s Hopalong Cassidy and the Arthurian legends...

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