eISBN: 9781681461397

Love Edward

by Jody R. LaGreca

Love Edward is a timeless love story about the challenges of marriage that captures the heart. The story of Juliet and Drew Brock draws upon the universal temptations of wealth and passion that plague marital relationships, while simultaneously celebrating the human spirit.

Juliet and Drew go to their Hamptons summer home to celebrate their 32nd anniversary only for an argument to cause Juliet to storm out. Drew chases after Juliet only to witness someone drowning and risks his life to save Tammy Blake.

Now a hero, Drew is drawn into a friendship with the young widow whose glamorous lifestyle threatens to alienate Drew from Juliet. Juliet feels compromised by the glitzy, self-indulgent lifestyle of South Hampton where wealth and passion are exploited. The couple’s second honeymoon weekend is threatened when Juliet and Drew are faced with the truth about their marriage and the dark secrets that threaten to destroy it.

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About the author Jody R. LaGreca

Jody Riva LaGreca, also published as J. R. LaGreca, was born in Sea Gate, Brooklyn, New York’s first gated community. She is an award-winning poet and the author of seven novels, including Afternoon Tea and Suburban Weird. Her latest publication is a Vampire Saga titled Bloodless, co-authored with Horror Author Michael McCarty and published by Whiskey Creek Press with an upcoming sequel titled Bloodlust. Her novels have received five star...

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