eISBN: 9781611603699

Look Not Unto The Morrow

by Robert Fantina

In “Look Not Unto the Morrow,” innocence shattered and ultimate redemption are portrayed against the backdrop of the Vietnam War and the turbulent sixties. The story follows the lives of three young people as they experience love and war. Roger Gaines is the promising young college student, drafted into the army and traumatized by his experiences in basic training and Vietnam. Pam Wentworth is the loving girlfriend he leaves behind, who evolves from naive college student, to political activist, to radical anarchist. Michelle Healy is the young woman Roger meets when he returns home, who loves him unconditionally when he can no longer love himself. “I recommend to anyone with an interest in the Vietnam War era.” – Former senator and presidential candidate George McGovern

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About the author Robert Fantina 

Robert Fantina is a journalist and activist for peace and international human rights. His writing appears regularly on a variety of websites, and his fiction has been included in Freefall: Canada’s Magazine of Exquisite Writing. He resides near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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