eISBN: 9781611606676

Legends And Destiny: In The Beginning

by Shannon L Miller

Krus'Ka'Kam: a world of technological peace and magical prosperity share by a myriad of sentient beings. Until now. The dragon Ry'Ugure, a priest of the highest order, has begun a struggle to defy the very god he has vowed to worship, and to bring about a change to Krus'Ka'Kam which could destroy it. Following him is a massive, secret army of dissidents known as the Hive.
But the god Taykato isn't without his champion. A young woman, Machi Velistar, who's dream is to be one of the heroes in the books she loves, is soon caught up in the struggle to save her friends and her own life from the vehement destruction of the Hive.
Helping these two are embittered lovers, the warriors Sophronia and Soper, who began their own crusade two millennia ago, but who will now use Ry'Ugure and Machi against their will to finish it.

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About the author Shannon L. Miller

Shannon Miller is an avid writer who lives in Upstate, New York. When she isn't writing, she raises Siberian Huskies for racing,trains and rides her family's horses, plays the ocarina and violin, and spends time doing outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and gardening.

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