eISBN: 9781611602401

Help Wanted Human: Paid holiday

by Stephen Wytrysowski

Steve's back with more exciting alien interpreter expose's. This time, the interpreters go on strike to protest Smash messing with the space-time continuum, The ambassadors give the interpreters an opportunity to test their skills when the embassy invites all their Washington contacts to a Christmas party at which Steve confronts his Chricktou nemesis, Awktrick. The interpreters go home for Christmas, Steve tries to get laid, and learns that you can go home again, but home just might want you to leave. Plus! More of Smash’s illusionary life lessons. Happy Holidays!

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About the author Stephen Wytrysowski 

Stephen Wytrysowski was born in Hammond, IN where he worked as an assistant manager at a truck stop. He is now the youngest member of the first Intra-Galactic Self-Determinant Species Network, United States Interpreter Team. Stephen is a first time, and somewhat reluctant author. His autobiography is based on his journal which the Interpreter Trainees are required to keep. Its release has been authorized by the Network Representatives to foster...

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