eISBN: 9781611602043

Heart Of Madness

by Rob Seyk

How clean is your soul? Detective Neal Patterson is thrust into investigating a recent wave of suicides in the normally quiet Volusia County Florida. As Detective Patterson begins to peel back the layers of each new suicide he becomes aware of a pattern linking one dead with another. However, when the random suicide investigations turn into grisly murder, Detective Patterson is forced into the world of an unyielding killer with an unimaginable gift. The punishment the killer inflicts on his victims’ bodies is nothing compared to the destruction he unleashes when he enters their souls. For Detective Patterson to put an end to the reign of terror in the small tourist town, he must be able to look deep within himself to avoid the killer’s Heart of Madness.

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About the author Rob Seyk

I’ve always had a passion to write and a heavy propensity for nightmares. To this day I remember a nightmare involving two elderly women chasing me down trying to sew my fingers together with an electric sewing machine. I was five. I’m not sure if this was a premonition telling me to stay away from writing or one telling me to write. Either way, it freaked me out. Years have...

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