eISBN: 9781603137928


by Tim Wohlforth

A rusted, dented, dirty-white Toyota passes under a streetlight in a small town in Southern Oregon. A hulk of a man exits, leans on a cane and walks crab-like down the sidewalk toward Ted Whitaker.

It’s Harry, his best friend in the Sixties, a man Whitaker hasn’t seen in thirty years. What does he want from him? For surely this meeting has a purpose. Whitaker soon discovers that Harry, once an extreme radical, has become an eco-anarchist and terrorist. He seeks to recruit Whitaker to join his plot to release a virulent form of smallpox with no known antidote.

Whitaker must stop Harry.

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About the author Tim Wohlforth

Mandy Wolff has lived in the Iowa City area all her life. She has worked as a travel agent and as a framer, but her true passion is writing and sharing her stories with anyone who will read them. Mandy's daughter and son are her greatest love and she is happiest when she is with them.

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