Guardians of Evil

by C R Daems

All her life, Liada believed the First Ones were dangerous and to be feared. That was what the Priests had taught her. They lied.
Liada learns the truth after befriending Tali, a injured and helpless creature who is also a First One. Unfortunately, the Priests will stop at nothing to keep their secrets, including eliminating Liada. Her only chance is to flee into a neighboring empire while being hunted by the Priests’ winged Quag—killers of the First Ones.
Help comes in the form of a mysterious ally. But can she trust him or could he be more dangerous than all of her enemies combined?

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About the author C.R. Daems

Clem Daems is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He served twenty-two years in the United States Air Force and is a graduate of the University of Arizona. He doesn’t consider himself an author, only a person who has learned that he enjoys writing. His favorite genre is science fiction and fantasy. His hobby for he past forty years has been Kung Fu and Tai Chi. He’s now retired and lives...

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