eISBN: 9781633556287

Don't Mess With Daddy's Girl

by Sandy Appleyard

A serial killer, a stock broker, and a police chief’s daughter clash in this mysterious tale of greed and love. Michael is forced to choose between his most precious asset and the love of his life, when a serial killer tries to take what matters most to him. Police chief Mark Tame and his team hunt for clues with Michael’s help, when they realize that the killer is linked to Michael. Jessica has the love and protection of both men, but will that be enough to keep her safe?

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About the author Sandy Appleyard

Sandy Appleyard writes both fiction and non-fiction: memoirs, self-help, suspense, romance and mystery/police-procedural. When she isn’t writing books, she writes blogs, reads, exercises and obsessively cleans her house. Sandy is also an animal lover and gives regularly to local Humane Societies. She lives in Niagara Falls, Canada with her hus-band, two daughters and her cat.

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