eISBN: 9781611602036

Crystal Dreams

by Diane Story

A calendar built by the Mayans sets a prophecy in motion, and for humans to move forward the third and fourth dimensions must merge on December 21, 2012.

Jillian is a fourth-dimensional woman who lives in a world where life and love coexist in metaphysical harmony. When her father begs her to marry a man she does not love, she reluctantly agrees. Ellery is a third-dimensional man who has the gift of metaphysical healing. However, Ellery’s spirit is torn. His physical being still lives in the third dimension, but his evil counterpart is in the fourth. As their worlds begin to crumble, Ellery and Jillian realize that fate has brought them together. Putting aside their own beliefs, they must decide if they will allow their worlds to end. Or can love guide them to a harmonious resolution?

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