eISBN: 9781633556775

Connecting Flight

by Decker Schutt

When a California airline crash kills everyone on board, two passengers resist entering the afterlife. Math teacher Chris Babbage hesitates due to guilt from his eight-year old son’s accidental death. Former aspiring actress Ann Camillo fears heavenly judgment over a nude modeling career. Both strongly suspect their spouses were having affairs. All of this unfinished business keeps them on Earth.

Trapped among the living, these two spirits must resolve their issues before they can walk into the light. Together, they journey back home to the East Coast, connecting with the living along the way. Each time they help someone, they learn more about themselves – including the secret that connects them. But they aren’t alone in their non-living world. Evil entities threaten to take them to an alternate, darker afterlife. Now Chris and Ann must trust a mysterious stranger – but are his intentions as good as they seem?

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About the author Decker Schutt

Decker Schutt has been writing since 4th grade when he forgot to do a summer book report and created his own story called Carrot Top Mr. Mouse, about a little critter ridiculed for his red hair. After accidentally becoming an English teacher for 25 years, he now takes writing seriously. Most days he drinks coffee and wonders if anyone will read his blog, Other days he sits on the...

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