eISBN: 9781611606751

Chasing The Wind

by B J Kibble

Based on alternative events had a plot to kill British Prime Minister Thatcher in 1989 succeeded. Paul Cain, ex-policeman, soldier and government agent is thrown into a political nightmare. Treachery and murder dog his every step in a European Union where security has become sacrosanct under the unstoppable tyranny of a psychopathic demigod.

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About the author B.J. Kibble 

From a family background steeped in law enforcement and military history, Barrie Kibble followed the tradition and served as a British soldier and police officer. During the course of his duty, he survived three near-death experiences—the last occasion was prior to leaving the Police Force when he walked unscathed from a devastating IRA bomb. Joining the business sector, he became a marketing manager for a well-known computer firm, and then...

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