eISBN: 9781611606270

Camp Timber Gorge

by Kent S Brown

When Rowdy awoke, the sun was up high enough to shine down on him through the treetops. His campfire was cold and all of his worldly possessions were stolen.
A mountain man, Rowdy Delts tries to pass through a lawless mining camp after taking back his stolen property. But passing through isn’t all that easy—he gets involved in a love triangle, riches, drugs and confronts a serial killer.

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About the author Kent S. Brown

I grew up in the country where I worked on dairy farms, beef farms, and learned to train horses. The horses were fresh from the Colorado range and raw. I began writing stories in school. I was a freelance writer for a time, working for an agricultural magazine and a hunting publication. I became a truck driver for a decade and worked for a security company. In my security work,...

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