eISBN: 9781593743025

Blood is Quicker Than Water

by Katherine Smith

The beautiful woods of Northern Michigan become the setting for violence and deadly ambition…

Cassandra Beaumont wants nothing more than to put her husband’s murder behind her. But instead of being able to quietly retire from public life, she finds herself immersed in an ugly cycle of lies and blackmail. Forced to face the man she betrayed years ago, she struggles with a treacherous past mistake and a not-quite forgotten passion…

Michael Beaumont isn’t sure if it is hate, or something else altogether that he feels for his lovely sister-in-law. When a woman is killed and Cassandra is implicated, he fears that an explosion of scandal and shattered illusions will destroy his entire family…

Police Officer Danny Haase’s fishing vacation turns into a nightmare of murder and complicated politics as he helps the local police discreetly track down a cold-blooded killer with very high connections…

About the author Katherine Smith

The author of six novels and numerous short stories, Katherine Smith loves both mysteries and romance. An avid reader, she feels the only thing better than curling up with a good book, is the privilege of aspiring to write one. She lives in rural Indiana with her three children, her husband Chris, and her precious cat, Chloe. Visit Katherine Smith website here.

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