eISBN: 9781633556768

Aethiel-Dor [The Blackrose, A Chronicle Of The Elves Book 2]

by Phillip O Stanley II

Lord Vauthnir is dead! Unbeknownst to his subjects, the evil General, Mortune has plotted the assassination and set blame and bounty upon the head of the half-elf, Elirah Encathla.

Meanwhile, having accepted a quest that may alter the fate of Aluedra Valley, Elirah rides with a band of warriors through lands wrought with danger. Though romance blossoms between her and the Captain of the elk-riders, their budding love may end in death.

Satyrs attack the villages of the Northeast, while the hordes of the Goblin King assail the western elf-lands. In the midst of it all, the infamous ogre, Mul-Buck, terrorizes the countryside.

With the elf-tribes divided as never before, Elirah must decide whether to leave Aluedra Valley to its fate or become the war-maiden they need, rallying all to the battle-cry of The Death-Flower—Aethiel-Dor!

Aethiel-Dor is the second installment of The Blackrose, A Chronicle of the Elves series.

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