eISBN: 9781611602562

A Shot In The Arm [The 1970's Trilogy Book 2]

by Barry S Willdorf

When Nate Lewis is retained to defend a black drug treatment counselor on a minor gun possession rap, he inadvertently stumbles into a rogue government operation smuggling drugs from Thailand into Marin County to buy guns for anti-Communist guerillas in Southeast Asia. Soon a prime witness for the defense is found dead of an overdose and Nate’s client is accused of killing, and maybe raping her. Against girlfriend Christina’s advice, Nate takes the homicide case but quickly discovers that his big retainer comes from drug profits his client has stolen from the rogue agents. It doesn’t take long before his client’s cronies begin turning up dead as the government agents pull out all stops to recover the stolen loot. But when the client goes underground the agents come gunning for Nate. Only Christina can save him now.

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