eISBN: 9781603137706

A Saxon Tapestry

by Margaret Blake

Alfled’s tranquil world is abruptly shattered by the Norman invasion. In the wake of the Norman victory her house and lands are handed over to a detestable Norman, Rolf Le Blond, and Alfled finds herself alone and unprotected. Determined to survive, she disguises herself as her dead brother Alfred. Convinced the Norman seigneur will never realize he has been fooled, Alfled walks a dangerous line. “Alfled played the boy but could not forget she had the heart and soul of a woman.” Genre: Romance / Historical Fiction

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About the author Margaret Blake

Margaret Blake was born in Manchester. She has been married to John for thirty three years. Margaret has one son, a beautiful daughter in law and three grandchildren. She lived in New York for a couple of years then returned to England to be near her parents. After careers in various fields, she began writing seriously in l978 and has since published 7 historical romances and 4 contemporary romances. She...

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