eISBN: 9781611602494

A Pirate's Kiss

by Josephine Templeton

Womanizer and pirate hunter, Dulac fights tooth and nail against the attraction he feels for the young pirate lad named Jesse. Unfortunately, even when they are apart, he can’t stop thinking about the little imp. Tormented by his unexplainable, unnatural attraction to the lad, Dulac does his best to keep as much distance between them as possible.
Raised on a pirate ship from the age of eight, Jesse wants the one man she cannot have- a pirate hunter. As luck would have it, Dulac wants her too, but he is very resistant. For Jesse is known to everyone not only as a pirate, but also as a boy, and how can she have her man without exposing her secret to the world?

“A Pirate’s Kiss offers a turbulent ride as Dulac and Jesse work through the obstacles that stand in the way of happiness.” – Rhonda Leah, About Last Night

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About the author Josephine Templeton

I have to first thank God for giving me the gift of writing, and then my husband, Michael, my inspiration. To my sons, my parents, my sisters and brothers for putting up with me and my scribbling for all these years. And last, but not least, to my friend Laura Boudle, for letting me pester her about reading the next chapter and telling me what she thinks. Hurry up, Laura,...

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