ISBN: 9781593740450
eISBN: 9781593740443

When Their World Died

by Sherry Derr-Wille

Queen Morgiana is faced with the worst possible of fates. Once she takes the throne, her world will be destroyed. In order to save her people she must marry a man whom she considers beneath her and travel to a new world, a thousand years away.

Sorento has always known who will be his wife. When the Man Gods declare it will be Queen Morgiana, he is beside himself. Even knowing that their union is the only hope for his people, he is concerned for his future with a woman he does not love.

Once in the new world, their love is given the opportunity to grow, but can it take root when two strong willed people occupy the same dwelling? His lack of interest in her and her limited skills where housekeeping are concerned threaten to tear them apart.

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