ISBN: 9781633557932
eISBN: 9781633556942

Thieves of the Vormonde

by Raymond J Carissimo

Tythia Ardiorr is from the ordinary neighbourhood of the Twin Rivers but a chance arrest, down in an unsavoury neighbourhood called the Hook, leads her into the center of a street war between the Vormonde Packs. The two most powerful pack leaders, Strong-Arm Vince and Balladur the Sly, wage war to see who will win possession of Tythia. But Balladur’s great fear is that in protecting Tythia from Lord Vince, does he condemn her to become part of their underworld forever? To save her own life – and reunite herself with the man she loves – Tythia must come to terms with her heritage as a Vormonde Queen.

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About the author R. Jay Carissimo

R. Jay Carissimo is a teacher of History and Anthropology and spends the summers editing history books, gardening and writing his own works of fiction. He received his B.A. in Communications and Theatre from Kean University and his M.A. from Montclair University. He had a great deal of fun using his master’s thesis on the history of organized crime and his love of fantasy to create the world of the...

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