ISBN: 9781603136921
eISBN: 9781603136914

The Magic Shop [The Magic Shop Book 1]

by Ed Sutter

Alec Gavins’ first summer job results in love, magic, and adventure. He comes into possession of an ancient golden amulet which grants his wishes, although never in the way he expects. Alec and friends Marina and her uncle Zack begin researching the pendant, discovering it’s linked with the lost tomb of Alexander the Great. They’ve no idea a malevolent group, also looking for the tomb, are determined to get hold of the amulet—at any price. Alec’s life becomes a roller-coaster ride when Alexander’s spirit attempts to control him—at a time when Alec’s going to need his wits about him just to survive…

Alec Gavin's adventires continue in THE DEFENDERS and THE AMULET AND THE STAFF... don't miss these great sequels!

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About the author Ed Sutter

I want to write stories that are fun to read and fun to write. Science fiction and fantasy have always been favorites of mine. I grew up reading Robert Heinlein, Roger Zelazny, Keith Laumer, and J. R. R. Tolkien. I also found that sci-fi and fantasy frequently have a basis in real historical events. My reading branched out into theoretical physics, ancient history, biography, and military history. Of...

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