ISBN: 9781593740122
eISBN: 9781593740115

Summer's Child

by Sherry Derr-Wille

Solveig, Anne, and Libby each grow up in a different time and place, with different values. Solveig’s story begins the journey of the Jorgenson family as they immigrate from Norway and try to fit into the unfamiliar surroundings of New Oslo, Minnesota. With the arrival of their first American-born child, Anne, the Jorgenson’s lives begin to unravel.

An outsider in her own family for all of her life, Anne Jorgenson doesn’t understand why her parents don’t love her. Fame only widens the gap she feels. When her oldest brother, Karl, takes the first step toward reconciliation, Anne is guardedly receptive. It takes an accident involving Anne’s daughter, Libby, to finally bring Anne back to Minnesota, in an attempt to heal past hurts and reunite a family torn apart by their differences.

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