eISBN: 9781633556966

Sacred Trust

by Roxanne Barbour

Human Nara Scotia and Eonus Tata have been departed from Eonus’ alien home world of Arandis for revealing the astounding evidence that the Arandi share ancestry with their mortal enemies, the Basilians.

Accompanied by their parents, who were invited to be ambassadors, Nara and Eonus now attend university on Basili.

In their free time they decide to familiarize themselves with the planet’s history and customs. After Nara and Eonus discover a dead Basilian in The Temple of Enlightenment, their life includes a series of strange sightings, murders, kidnappings, and adventures that ultimately lead to the ancestors of the Arandi and Basilians, and the resulting complications.

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About the author Roxanne Barbour

I have been reading science fiction since about the age of eleven when I discovered “Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars” by Ellen MacGregor. The years passed by while I had careers as a computer programmer, music teacher, insurance office administrator, and logistics coordinator for an international freight company. I took early retirement in June 2010. Six months later, I decided to put to use...

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