ISBN: 9781681464572
eISBN: 9781611602593

Mary Of The Aether

by Jeffrey Aaron Miller

Fourteen-year-old Mary Lanham lives an unremarkable life in an unremarkable small town, until the day a man in a long, gray cloak creeps out of the forest, and a centuries-old mystery begins to unfold. What is the terrible secret Mary’s father is hiding, a secret that has put both of their lives in danger? What is the truth about Mary’s past that has awakened a great evil? And how can she win the heart of the boy she loves when the whole world is falling apart?

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About the author Jeffrey Aaron Miller

Jeffrey Miller is a 1997 graduate of the creative writing program at the University of Arkansas. He has had an odd assortment of jobs over the years from bus driver to mail carrier to social worker to pastor, but through it all he has remained a storyteller. He resides in Fort Smith, Arkansas with his wife and children. Visit Jeffrey Aaron Miller website here.

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