ISBN: 9781611608267
eISBN: 9781611607970

Double the Dream [Dakota Territory Book 3]

by Lois Carroll

After Ingor Oleson left Norway to claim a part of the Dakota Territory as his own, his brother Lars follows to do the same. Now another year later, their uncle keeps his promise and sends Anne and Katrin Anderssen to marry his nephews. The young women are excited and expect their husbands-to-be to have a good life already carved out for them in the unknown land of the Dakota Territory. Lieutenant Adam Johnson allows the sisters to travel with the Army families moving west to the forts there now that the War Between the States has ended. Sergeant Tavis McDougal is his right-hand man. The sisters are charmed by the officers, and wonder if they will find the Oleson brothers as charming. And what will become of them if they can't find the brothers? Will they ever have the happy lives they have come so far to find?

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About the author Lois Carroll

Lois Carroll, who also writes under the name Lois Schwartz, has been writing since her childhood when she received a daily diary as a gift. With a bachelor's degree in English Literature and a master's in Theater, she began her writing and editing career working at a publishing company as a copy editor. Now a wife, mother, and grandmother, she writes full time. She lives with her husband in the...

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