ISBN: 9781681464589
eISBN: 9781593742782

Double M: The Parkhursts [Double M Series Book 3]

by Sherry Derr-Wille

The Depression brings a new venture into the family of the Double M. When Suzanna buys K-Chemical, she becomes a businesswoman. The purchase is for her son, Jeff, as she desperately wants to keep in on the Double M and not lose him to the larger cities of the East in the way her mother lost Mallon.
World War II brings the loss of life to the families in and around Corbit. As the shock wears off, Suzanna, now a widow and Ralph, who has been widowed for several years, find love and happiness in each other’s arms.
As Suzanna’s life draws to a close, she looks back on the things she has accomplished. She has lived through two world wars, the great depression, Korea and Vietnam. Her ranch business interests have prospered. Now her grandson, JP, is ready to take on the challenges of running the Double M.

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