ISBN: 9781611608731
eISBN: 9781611608106

Dehumanize: Rise of the Dead

by Robert Seyk

No one knows what horrors they are capable of when they are pushed to a point of no return. Dan Draden was living a normal routine life in a suburb outside of San Francisco along with his newly pregnant wife, Lillian, and his six-year-old son Galton. When Dan assists in the arrest and prevention of a terrorist attack, the group retaliates, blowing up Dan’s wife and child. As chaos engulfs Dan and the city around him, a man approaches Dan with an offer to avenge the death of his family. Dan becomes part of an elite assassin group. When the team discovers multiple religious fundamentalist groups, normally at odds with each other, working together; they uncover a weapon with apocalyptic capabilities. The living dead. Dehumanize: Rise of the Dead utilizes historical events to illustrate the origins and beginning of a global apocalypse where the dead are creating genocide on the living.

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